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Starting Services


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Service Principles

 MCCMH services are provided within the framework of key guiding principles and values.  Among them, we believe in and promote:

Person-Centered Planning:  The process we use to design your services is called Person-Centered Planning (PCP).  PCP involves you and the people most important to you, along with MCCMH staff and others whom you choose. PCP is based on your goals, strengths, abilities, and choices. PCP should build on your ability to be part of your community, and help you achieve your goals.

MCCMH will help you create a person-centered plan that fits your goals.  The services that MCCMH will offer will be based on your individual situation.  We will also help you find other community resources, in addition to MCCMH services, that may help. Your plan can be changed as your needs and goals change. 

Recovery:  Recovery is a philosophy that guides mental health service delivery in Michigan.  Recovery is a journey of healing and transformation enabling persons using mental health services to live a meaningful life in a community of his or her choice, while striving to achieve his or her potential.  Recovery is a journey of wellness that we believe is possible for all.

Resiliency is the guiding principle for children with serious emotional disturbance. Resiliency is the ability to “bounce back."  It refers to the individual’s ability to become successful despite challenges they may face throughout his or her life.

Self-determination is a model of service delivery that allows the person receiving  mental health or developmental disability services to direct the purchase of his/her approved services using a fixed amount of Medicaid dollars.  Other public funds may also be used. The amount of funds available for purchase of services is determined by the person-centered plan. Self-determination is an available choice for any adult who receives public mental health services.

You have many specific rights and options related to Person-Centered Planning, Self-determination, and our service delivery process.  To learn more, talk to your therapist or case manager, or call the Office of Community Relations for help.


You may be eligible for specialty mental health, developmental disability, or substance abuse treatment services provided by MCCMH if you are a resident of Macomb County and:

· You have ever been told by a doctor that you have what is called a “serious mental illness;” or you have a history of serious mental illness,

· You have ever been told by a doctor that you have a developmental disability or a developmental delay; or you have a history of such disability,

· You believe you may have one of these conditions, but haven't been tested,

· Your child has or may have one of these conditions,

· You or a family member believe that you have a substance abuse problem, and

· You have Medicaid, MIChild, or other health care sponsored by the State of Michigan, or you have limited or no insurance covering your mental health or substance abuse treatment.

The specific programs and services offered by the MCCMH network may have their own eligibility requirements, in addition to those above.  To explore your eligibility for MCCMH services and to see what services might help you, call the Access Center at 586-948-0222.