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Starting Services


In An Emergency Calling the Access Center Calling CARE MI Health Link Members

FOCUS Documents

Click here to download the FOCUS Access Request Form (MS Word)
Click here to download the FOCUS Access Request Form (Adobe PDF)
Click here to download the SUD FOCUS Access - Tx Form (MS Word)
Click here to download the SUD FOCUS Access - Recovery Homes & CARE Form (MS Word)
Click here to download the FOCUS Authorized Requester Assignment Form (MS Word)


Certificate of Need
Continued Stay Review
Continued Stay Review - Discharge
Twin 14


Discharge Summary


Annual Assessment
Child Developmental Milestones
Initial Intake
Nutrition Assessment
Psychological Testing
Specialized Nursing Assessment
Supports Needs Worksheet


Admission Update Form
Discharge Form

Children's/SED Waiver

Service History Summary
Potential Risk Indicators
Wraparound Profile
Potential Child and Family Team Members
Preliminary Strengths List
Child and Family Crisis - Safety Plan
Child and Family Team Contact List
Family Strengths Discovery Worksheet
Identifying Alternative Strategies to Meet Needs
Sorting System vs Family Needs Worksheet
Outcome Goal Worksheet
Treatment Plan
Treatment Plan Team Signature Page
Wraparound Transition Plan
Graduation Summary
Wraparound Team Meeting Agenda - Minutes
Family Story


Death Report
Diagnosis Update


Residential Full Financial Review
Non Residential Full Financial Review
Client Insurance Authorization


Acknowledgement and Consent
Client Release of Information - Exchange
Client Release of Information - Release
Client Release of Information - Request


Coordination of Care
Medication Informed Consent
Psychiatric Evaluation
Psychiatric Outpatient Office Visit - Doctors Version
Psychiatric Outpatient Office Visit - Nurses Version


Crisis Plan - Adult DD
Crisis Plan - Adult MI
Crisis Plan - Child
PCP Pre-Meeting Disaster Planning
PCP - Full Version
PCP - Single Service Version
PCP - Crisis Team/Clubhouse/Medication Management Version
PCP - Periodic Review
PCP Addendum
Progress Note


Admission Assignment Definitions
Admission Change Form
Admission Change Form Overview
Admission - Closing
Admission - Program Transfer Request
FOCUS Messages - Alerts
FOCUS Scanned Documents
FOCUS User Manual
HCBS Surveys 2019

ICD Conversion