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DHS Documents

 TitleModified DateDescription
MDHHS site for health coverage4/15/2015This site has the links to apply for health coverage online and paper applications.
MDHHS Homepage4/15/2015Visit the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services website to locate additional resources for consumers.
MI Bridges Training Manual8/8/2012This manual serves as a walk-through for using MI Bridges.
State of Michigan Contact Directory6/13/2012If you know the DHS worker's name, you may be able to find his/her email and/or phone number on this site.
MSA-2565-C (Facility Admission Notice)3/20/2014This form serves as notice of admission of a beneficiary (or potential beneficiary). Hospitals should fill this form out for consumers that have a deductible and need to report the facility stay to help meet a deductible.
Local MDHHS Phone & Fax Numbers by City4/15/2015This document will help you find the correct DHS office to call or send faxes to based on the city where the client lives.
DHS-2240 (Change Report Form)3/3/2015You may use this form to report changes. You must answer all applicable questions on the form. Remember to: Sign and date the form and attach all required verifications. Be sure to write the name and case number on any verifications attached.
DHS-1171 (Food, Day Care, and/or Cash Only)11/24/2014When Access to MI Bridges is not an option to apply for benefits, fill out this booklet and return it to the consumer's local DHS office. THIS CANNOT Be used to apply for Medical Assistance
DCH-1426 (Application for Health Coverage)11/24/2014Use this application when applying for Health Coverage only if unable to complete the application online. It can not be used for any other DHS services
DHS-3200 (Protective Services Referal Form)6/13/2012Use this form to report actual or suspected child abuse or neglect and contact the protective services hotline at (855)444-3911.
DHS-3688 (Shelter Verification)3/3/2015Use this document to report address change, and have landlord sign for verification of change in rent and/or utility obligations.
Medicaid Deductible Report Form12/11/2018CMH Providers are to use this form to report CMH expenses to the appropriate MDHHS Liaison.
Medicaid Deductible Information Brochure4/15/2015This consumer-friendly pamphlet explains the details and answers many of the FAQs associated with Medicaid Spend-Downs/Deductibles.
myHealth Portal (Website)4/15/2015With this site, Medicaid consumers & representatives can: View healthcare coverage, Report changes, search for providers, Create appointment reminder and more!
myHealthButton (iOS/Apple)4/15/2015myHealthButton is a mobile app designed to access the myHealth Portal services on an Apple device
myHealthButton (Android)4/15/2015myHealthButton is a mobile app designed to access the myHealth Portal services on an Android device