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Starting Services


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Vocational and Day Services

MCCMH offers many different supports to help people develop meaningful lives in the community.  Among them:

Assistive Technology includes adaptive devices and supplies that are not covered under the Medicaid Health Plan or by other community resources.  These devices help individuals to better take care of themselves, or to better interact in the places where they live, work, and play.  Assistive Devices require a prescription and have other eligibility/ application requirements.

Community Living Supports (CLS)  are supports and skill building activities provided by paid staff that help adults with either serious mental illness or developmental disabilities live independently and participate actively in the community. Community Living Supports may also help families who have children with developmental disabilities or serious emotional disturbance.

Environmental Modifications are physical changes to a person’s home, car, or work environment that are of direct benefit to the person. Modifications ensure access, protect health and safety, or enable greater independence for a person with physical disabilities.  Note that other sources of funding must be explored first, before using Medicaid funds for environmental modifications.  Other eligibility and application requirements must be met before environmental modifications can be provided.

Skill-Building Assistance includes supports, services and training to help a person participate actively at school, work, volunteer, or community settings, or to learn social skills they may need to support themselves or to get around in the community.

Supported / Integrated Employment Services provide initial and ongoing supports, services and training, usually provided at the job site, to help adults who are eligible for mental health services find and keep paid employment in the community. 

To learn more about services and supports that can help persons with developmental disabilities create lives of meaning for themselves, call the Access Center.